NHL All-Star Game 2023: Rosters, schedule, how to watch

Brother to brother! Brady Tkachuk scores on set up from Matthew Tkachuk (0:29)

Brady Tkachuk finds the net on the feed from Matthew Tkachuk as the Atlantic Division ties it 3-3. (0:29)

The 2023 NHL All-Star Weekend will take place on Feb. 3 and 4, hosted by the Florida Panthers in Sunrise, Florida.

The All-Star Skills competition was Friday. The All-Star Game finished things off on Sunday, with the Atlantic Division beating the Central 7-5 in the final.

The entire list of 44 All-Stars has been revealed, with one representative for each team along with 12 who were voted in by the fans.

Note: Stats are through the games of Jan. 18.

All-Star Tournament

Matthew Tkachuk's third goal pads Atlantic lead

Matthew Tkachuk scores for his third goal of the game as the Atlantic Division leads 8-6.

The 2023 NHL All-Star Game is in the books, as the Atlantic Division won the 3-on-3 tournament with a 7-5 win over the Central. Matthew Tkachuk won All-Star Game MVP honors with four goals and three assists in the Atlantic's two wins. His brother Brady Tkachuk had one goal and four assists, while Dylan Larkin had five goals and one assist for the winning squad.

Semifinal: Central 6, Pacific 4

Semifinal: Atlantic 10, Metro 6

Final: Atlantic 7, Central 5

All-Star Skills events

Splash Shot

This new event will take place on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, with four teams of two players each competing in a single-elimination tournament. Players will compete head to head, and each player will be required to hit targets before attempting to dunk their opponent in a dunk tank. The player to dunk their opponent first wins -- if there is a tie, the teams will compete again.

Winners: Mikko Rantanen-Cale Makar

Pitch 'n' Puck

Six players will play a par-4 golf hole with an island green, using a combination of pucks and balls. The player with the lowest score wins; if there is a tie, then the player with the longest drive will be declared the winner.

Winner: Nick Suzuki

Tendy Tandem

The eight All-Star goalies will take part in teams of two (by division). Each team will have one shooting goalie and one in-net goalie.

The shooting goalie will take a shot from a designated spot; he will earn three points if the shot goes in the hole, two points if it hits an in-net target, and no points if the shot misses the net. Based on how the shooting goalie does, the in-net goalie will face three, two or one players on a break (NHL shootout rules apply to forward progress); a save earns the in-net goalie's team the full points, which is based on number of players faced.

Play continues until all pucks have been shot, and the tandem with the most points wins. If there is a tie between the teams, the tandem with the most saves wins. If two or more tandems are tied, the winning team will be the one that saved the most 3-on-1's, then the most 2-on-1's. If there is still a tie, then the tied teams will compete in a sudden death round of goalie goals.

Winners: Connor Hellebuyck-Juuse Saros

Sarah Nurse uses filthy move to score on Igor Shesterkin

Sarah Nurse breaks out "The Forsberg" and beats New York Rangers goalie Igor Shesterkin.

Fastest Skater

The course is one lap around the full rink, and players will compete in two rounds. The preliminary round will determine which two skaters make the final.

Mike Gartner and Connor McDavid hold the all-time record for most wins, with three, and Dylan Larkin has the record for the fastest time, 13.172 seconds in 2016.

Winner: Andrei Svechnikov

Andrei Svechnikov wins fastest skater competition

Carolina Hurricanes winger Andrei Svechnikov wins the NHL fastest skater competition with a time of 13.699.

Hardest Shot

Each player gets two attempts to shoot a puck on goal from 30 feet away, and are allowed to skate up from the nearest blue line. The speed is recorded by the NHL puck tracking system. If the system malfunctions or the player breaks his stick on the attempt, he is allowed a do-over. The player with the highest speed is declared the winner.

Al MacInnis has the most wins all time, with seven, while Zdeno Chara has the hardest shot recorded (108.8 miles per hour in 2012).

Winner: Elias Pettersson

Elias Pettersson rips 103.2 mph slapper to win Hardest Shot

Vancouver Canucks center Elias Pettersson rips a 103.2 mph screamer to win the Hardest Shot contest.

Breakaway Challenge

Each shooter will attempt one shot, and a panel of judges will grade them on a scale of 1-10. NHL shootout rules do not apply; shooters can start their routine from anywhere in the neutral zone, and can go anywhere in the offensive zone -- including behind the net. If there is a tie in scores at the end of the event, the tied shooters will take another shot to determine the winner.

Alex Ovechkin's son steals the show with his dad and Sidney Crosby

Alex Ovechkin's son Sergei gets 10s across the board in the breakaway challenge with assists from his father and Sidney Crosby.

Accuracy Shooting

Styrofoam targets are placed in the four corners of a goal, one per corner. In the first round, each player stands 25 feet from the net, and takes passes from two players that are positioned behind the net, attempting to hit all four targets as quickly as possible; a target is considered hit when any contact is made with the shot puck. The four players who hit all four targets in the shortest amount of time advance.

In the semifinal and final round, two nets with targets are placed side-by-side on the goal line. One player next to each net will pass pucks to the shooter. Shooters go simultaneously, and the first player to hit all four targets wins the round.

Winner: Brock Nelson

Brock Nelson wins Accuracy Shooting competition

New York Islanders center Brock Nelson takes down Calgary Flames center Nazem Kadri to win the Accuracy Shooting competition.


Jump ahead:
Atlantic | Metro
Central | Pacific

Atlantic Division

Head coach: Jim Montgomery (Bruins)

David Pastrnak, RW, Boston Bruins

Age: 26
GP: 44 | G: 35 | A: 28

Linus Ullmark, G, Boston Bruins

Age: 29
Rec: 24-2-1 | GAA: 1.89 | SV%: .937

Rasmus Dahlin, D, Buffalo Sabres*

Age: 22
GP: 42 | G: 13 | A: 35

Tage Thompson, RW, Buffalo Sabres*

Age: 25
GP: 43 | G: 32 | A: 27

Dylan Larkin, C, Detroit Red Wings

Age: 26
GP: 42 | G: 15 | A: 25

Aleksander Barkov, C, Florida Panthers*

Age: 27
GP: 36 | G: 12 | A: 25

Matthew Tkachuk, LW, Florida Panthers

Age: 25
GP: 43 | G: 22 | A: 34

Nick Suzuki, C, Montreal Canadiens

Age: 23
GP: 45 | G: 16 | A: 21

Brady Tkachuk, LW, Ottawa Senators

Age: 23
GP: 44 | G: 16 | A: 30

Nikita Kucherov, RW, Tampa Bay Lightning

Age: 29
GP: 43 | G: 18 | A: 46

Andrei Vasilevskiy, G, Tampa Bay Lightning

Age: 28
Rec: 20-10-1 | GAA: 2.45 | SV%: .918

Mitch Marner, LW, Toronto Maple Leafs

Age: 25
GP: 45 | G: 16 | A: 38

Auston Matthews, C, Toronto Maple Leafs*

Age: 25
GP: 43 | G: 22 | A: 27

*Note: Barkov replaces Matthews on the roster, due to injury. Dahlin replaces Thompson on the roster, due to injury

Metropolitan Division

Head coach: Rod Brind'Amour (Hurricanes)

Andrei Svechnikov, RW, Carolina Hurricanes

Age: 22
GP: 44 | G: 19 | A: 16

Johnny Gaudreau, LW, Columbus Blue Jackets

Age: 29
GP: 44 | G: 12 | A: 29

Jack Hughes, C, New Jersey Devils

Age: 21
GP: 44 | G: 29 | A: 26

Brock Nelson, C, New York Islanders

Age: 31
GP: 46 | G: 15 | A: 24

Ilya Sorokin, G, New York Islanders

Age: 27
Rec: 15-14-3 | GAA: 2.30 | SV%: .925

Adam Fox, D, New York Rangers

Age: 24
GP: 45 | G: 9 | A: 36

Artemi Panarin, RW, New York Rangers

Age: 31
GP: 45 | G: 12 | A: 35

Igor Shesterkin, G, New York Rangers

Age: 27
Rec: 20-7-6 | GAA: 2.43 | SV%: .918

Kevin Hayes, C, Philadelphia Flyers

Age: 30
GP: 44 | G: 13 | A: 27

Sidney Crosby, C, Pittsburgh Penguins

Age: 35
GP: 44 | G: 21 | A: 31

Alex Ovechkin, LW, Washington Capitals

Age: 37
GP: 47 | G: 30 | A: 22

Central Division

Head coach: Peter DeBoer (Stars)

Clayton Keller, C, Arizona Coyotes

Age: 24
GP: 44 | G: 15 | A: 23

Seth Jones, D, Chicago Blackhawks

Age: 28
GP: 32 | G: 4 | A: 15

Nathan MacKinnon, C, Colorado Avalanche

Age: 27
GP: 32 | G: 13 | A: 36

Cale Makar, D, Colorado Avalanche

Age: 24
GP: 42 | G: 13 | A: 30

Mikko Rantanen, RW, Colorado Avalanche

Age: 26
GP: 43 | G: 31 | A: 25

Jason Robertson, LW, Dallas Stars

Age: 23
GP: 46 | G: 30 | A: 31

Kirill Kaprizov, LW, Minnesota Wild

Age: 25
GP: 43 | G: 25 | A: 27

Juuse Saros, G, Nashville Predators

Age: 27
Rec: 16-12-5 | GAA: 2.68 | SV%: .921

Vladimir Tarasenko, RW, St. Louis Blues

Age: 31
GP: 34 | G: 10 | A: 19

Connor Hellebuyck, G, Winnipeg Jets

Age: 29
Rec: 22-11-1 | GAA: 2.42 | SV%: .924

Josh Morrissey, D, Winnipeg Jets

Age: 27
GP: 45 | G: 8 | A: 41

Matthew Tkachuk's third goal pads Atlantic lead

Matthew Tkachuk scores for his third goal of the game as the Atlantic Division leads 8-6.

Pacific Division

Head coach: Bruce Cassidy (Golden Knights)

Troy Terry, RW, Anaheim Ducks

Age: 25
GP: 45 | G: 12 | A: 24

Nazem Kadri, C, Calgary Flames

Age: 32
GP: 46 | G: 17 | A: 18

Leon Draisaitl, C, Edmonton Oilers

Age: 27
GP: 44 | G: 26 | A: 44

Connor McDavid, C, Edmonton Oilers

Age: 26
GP: 46 | G: 38 | A: 46

Stuart Skinner, G, Edmonton Oilers

Age: 24
Rec: 12-10-2 | GAA: 2.96 | SV%: .914

Kevin Fiala, LW, Los Angeles Kings

Age: 26
GP: 46 | G: 16 | A: 31

Erik Karlsson, D, San Jose Sharks

Age: 32
GP: 46 | G: 15 | A: 47

Matty Beniers, C, Seattle Kraken*

Age: 20
GP: 44 | G: 17 | A: 19

Bo Horvat, C, Vancouver Canucks**

Age: 27
GP: 44 | G: 30 | A: 19

Elias Pettersson, C, Vancouver Canucks

Age: 24
GP: 42 | G: 18 | A: 34

Chandler Stephenson, C, Vegas Golden Knights*

Age: 28
GP: 55 | G: 11 | A: 29

Logan Thompson, G, Vegas Golden Knights

Age: 25
Rec: 18-12-1 | GAA: 2.62 | SV%: .913

Notes: Stephenson replaces Beniers on the roster, due to injury. Horvat was traded to the Islanders on Jan. 30.