Ball-by-ball: How Rahane and Thakur rode their luck against Cummins and Co

Pat Cummins kicks the ball in frustration after a second no-ball reprieve for India Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images

Ajinkya Rahane and Shardul Thakur enjoyed some good fortune as they put on 109 runs for the seventh wicket on day three of the WTC final against Australia. Australia dropped three chances during their partnership and Pat Cummins had both batters out lbw off no-balls. Thakur had come out to bat with India six down for 152, when KS Bharat was bowled by Scott Boland second delivery of the day. The partnership eventually ended when Cameron Green took a stunning catch at gully to dismiss Rahane for 89 after lunch.

Here is how ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentators recorded Rahane and Thakur's luck in the middle:

21.6: Cummins to Rahane, no-ball

Big lbw appeal, given! Again the perfect length, and again that seam movement. This seams away, and Rahane, half-forward to defend, is beaten on the outside edge. He's reviewed. Let's see how this goes. Wow. Cummins has overstepped. Huge cheer from the crowd. The heel lands just past the crease, I think. Yup. No-ball. Amazing. What a ball from Cummins, though, beating the outside edge as Rahane looked to defend from the crease, and hitting the back pad. Ball-tracking returns umpire's call on impact, with the back pad just about in line with off stump, and predicts that it would have clattered into off stump.

38.6: Boland to Thakur, 2 runs

Dropped? You would have to call it that. This is short of a length, holds its line, Thakur follows it, gets a thick edge high to the third slip. Khawaja leaps high and to his right, but gets only a hand on it. Really difficult chance.

43.2: Cummins to Thakur, no run

Dropped by Green at gully. Cummins back to a good length just outside off. It seams away to take the edge but Green fails to hold on to a straightforward chance at gully.

55.4: Cummins to Rahane, 2 runs

Edged and missed! Another one down. Full and a hint of movement away, Rahane drives hard, he gets a thick edge, Carey hints to go but lets it pass for Warner who spotted Carey move and withdrew and then just stuck his left hand out and the ball did not stick! Huge error again. Carey and Warner have had problems like that previously.

59.4: Cummins to Thakur, no-ball

Given lbw! Shardul reviews immediately. Third umpire needs to check the front foot. Cummins has overstepped again! Another lbw off a no-ball! Shardul survives. Cummins committing another cardinal sin.