Penn State reports 50 positive COVID-19 tests among athletes

The Penn State athletic department announced Wednesday that 50 student-athletes tested positive for COVID-19 in its latest round of testing, which included 859 total tests.

As part of the school's established protocol related to the coronavirus pandemic, the students who tested positive will be placed in isolation for 14 days, the school said, and contact tracing will be utilized to determine who else could have potentially been exposed to the virus.

"We expect our student-athletes and staff to follow University requirements and guidelines for limiting the spread of COVID-19, including wearing masks, practicing social distancing, washing their hands regularly and not gathering in large groups," the school said in a statement.

The results, which included tests from Sept. 5-11, were released on the same day the Big Ten announced it would begin its football season on Oct. 24, after being delayed by concerns related to the pandemic. Penn State did not provide a breakdown of athletes impacted by their sport.

Maryland also announced 35 of its student-athletes also tested positive from 449 tests. The school paused all sport-related workouts as a precautionary measure last week, but 13 of them, including football, have resumed training.