Scoring Summary

1stRaleigh singled to right, Rodríguez scored, France to third.10
2ndRodríguez doubled to deep right, Frazier scored and Kelenic scored.30
2ndFrance singled to center, Rodríguez scored.40
3rdAlvarez doubled to left, Altuve scored and McCormick scored.42
4thCrawford homered to right (383 feet).52
4thFrance doubled to deep left, Rodríguez scored.62
4thGurriel homered to left (373 feet).63
7thSuárez homered to left (359 feet).73
8thBregman homered to left center (403 feet), Alvarez scored.75
9thAlvarez homered to right (438 feet), Meyers scored and Peña scored.78