Scoring Summary

2ndHernández homered to left (401 feet), Kirk scored.02
3rdGuerrero Jr. singled to center, Espinal scored.03
4thHernández homered to center (427 feet).04
5thKelenic hit sacrifice fly to left, Frazier scored.14
5thEspinal scored, Guerrero Jr. to second, Bichette to third on passed ball by Raleigh.15
5thHernández hit by pitch, Bichette scored, Kirk to second, Guerrero Jr. to third.16
5thChapman hit sacrifice fly to center, Guerrero Jr. scored.17
5thJansen doubled to right, Kirk scored, Hernández to third.18
6thFrance scored, Raleigh to second, Suárez to third on Mayza wild pitch.28
6thSantana homered to left center (395 feet), Suárez scored and Raleigh scored.58
7thJansen singled to left center, Hernández scored, Chapman to second.59
8thRaleigh singled to center, Suárez scored.69
8thCrawford doubled to center, Frazier scored, Raleigh scored and Haniger scored.99
9thFrazier doubled to deep right, Raleigh scored.109