NL Wild Card - Game 1
PHI leads series 1-0
87-75, 40-41 away
93-69, 53-28 home

Scoring Summary

7thYepez homered to left (363 feet), Carlson scored.02
9thBohm hit by pitch, Realmuto scored, Castellanos to second, Harper to third.12
9thSegura singled to right, Castellanos scored and Harper scored, Sosa to third.32
9thStott grounded into fielder's choice to first, Sosa scored, Segura to second.42
9thMarsh singled to left, Segura scored, Stott to third.52
9thSchwarber hit sacrifice fly to center, Stott scored.62
9thGorman singled to right, Arenado scored, Carlson to second.63