59-54, 26-33 away
59-53, 34-22 home

Scoring Summary

1stParedes grounded out to third, Chang scored, Arozarena to second.01
2ndOdor singled to shallow left, Urías scored, Mateo to third.11
2ndChirinos singled to right center, Mateo scored, Odor to second.21
3rdArozarena doubled to deep center, Díaz scored.22
3rdParedes doubled to deep left, Arozarena scored.23
3rdMejía singled to left, Paredes scored.24
4thChang hit sacrifice fly to right, Siri scored.25
6thChang singled to center, Siri scored.26
8thWalls homered to right (364 feet), Siri scored.28