Africa Cup of Nations fixtures, results and bracket

Check out all the fixtures, venues and kick-off times for the Africa Cup of Nations, including the knockout bracket.

What is the Africa Cup of Nations format?

The 24 teams were drawn into six groups of four nations. The top two in each group advance, along with the four best-ranked third-placed teams.

The competition moves on to a knockout format, with round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final.

The tournament is being hosted by Cameroon.

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What are the Africa Cup of Nations fixtures?


5 p.m. WAT: 4 p.m. GMT, 11 a.m. ET
8 p.m. WAT: 7 p.m. GMT, 2 p.m. ET


Saturday, Jan. 29
Gambia vs. Cameroon (5 p.m. WAT, Douala)
Burkina Faso vs. Tunisia (8 p.m. WAT, Garoua)

Sunday, Jan. 30
Egypt vs. Morocco (4 p.m. WAT, Yaounde)
Senegal vs. Equatorial Guinea (8 p.m. WAT, Yaounde)


Wednesday, Feb. 2
SF1 - Gambia or Cameroon vs. Senegal or Equatorial Guinea (8 p.m. WAT, Yaounde)

Thursday, Feb. 3
SF2 - Burkina Faso or Tunisia vs. Egypt or Morocco (8 p.m. WAT, Yaounde)


Sunday, Feb. 6
Losers SF1 vs. Losers SF2 (5 p.m. WAT, Yaounde)


Sunday, Feb. 6
Winners SF1 vs. Winners SF2 (8 p.m. WAT, Yaounde)


Sunday, Jan. 23
Burkina Faso 1-1 (AET; pens. 7-6) Gabon (Limbe)
Nigeria 0-1 Tunisia (Garoua)

Monday, Jan. 24
Guinea 0-1 Gambia (Bafoussam)
Cameroon 2-1 Comoros (Yaounde)

Tuesday, Jan. 25
Senegal 2-0 Cape Verde (Bafoussam)
Morocco 2-1 Malawi (Yaounde)

Wednesday, Jan. 26
Ivory Coast 0-0 (AET; pens. 4-5) Egypt (Douala)
Mali 0-0 (AET; pens. 5-6) Equatorial Guinea (Limbe)


Sunday, Jan. 9
Group A: Cameroon 2-1 Burkina Faso (Yaounde)
Group A: Ethiopia 0-1 Cape Verde (Yaounde)

Monday, Jan. 10
Group B: Senegal 1-0 Zimbabwe (Bafoussam)
Group B: Guinea 1-0 Malawi (Bafoussam)
Group C: Morocco 1-0 Ghana (Yaounde)
Group C: Comoros 0-1 Gabon (Yaounde)

Tuesday, Jan. 11
Group E:
Algeria 0-0 Sierra Leone (Douala)
Group D: Nigeria 1-0 Egypt (Garoua)
Group D: Sudan 0-0 Guinea-Bissau (Garoua)

Wednesday, Jan. 12
Group F: Tunisia 0-1 Mali (Limbe)
Group F: Mauritania 0-1 Gambia (Limbe)
Group E: Equatorial Guinea 0-1 Ivory Coast (Douala)

Thursday, Jan. 13
Group A: Cameroon 4-1 Ethiopia (Yaounde)
Group A: Cape Verde 0-1 Burkina Faso (Yaounde)

Friday, Jan. 14
Group B: Senegal 0-0. Guinea (Bafoussam)
Group B: Malawi 2-1 Zimbabwe (Bafoussam)
Group C: Morocco 2-0 Comoros (Yaounde)
Group C: Gabon 1-1 Ghana (Yaounde)

Saturday, Jan. 15
Group D:
Nigeria 3-1 Sudan (Garoua)
Group D: Guinea-Bissau 0-1 Egypt (Garoua)

Sunday, Jan. 16
Group F:
Gambia 1-1 Mali (Limbe)
Group F: Tunisia 4-0 Mauritania (Limbe)
Group E: Ivory Coast 2-2 Sierra Leone (Douala)
Group E: Algeria 0-1 Equatorial Guinea (Douala)

Monday, Jan. 17
Group A: Cape Verde 1-1 Cameroon (Yaounde)
Group A: Burkina Faso 1-1 Ethiopia (Bafoussam)

Tuesday, Jan. 18
Group B: Malawi 0-0 Senegal (Bafoussam)
Group B: Zimbabwe 2-1 Guinea (Yaounde)
Group C: Gabon 2-2 Morocco (Yaounde)
Group C: Ghana 2-3 Comoros (Garoua)

Wednesday, Jan. 19
Group D: Guinea-Bissau 0-2 Nigeria (Garoua)
Group D: Egypt 1-0 Sudan (Yaounde)

Thursday, Jan. 20
Group E: Ivory Coast 3-1 Algeria (Douala)
Group E: Sierra Leone 0-1 Equatorial Guinea (Limbe)
Group F: Gambia 1-0 Tunisia (Limbe)
Group F: Mali 2-0 Mauritania (Douala)