Beats by Dre reveals Bubba Wallace endorsement deal after President Trump's criticism

Stephen A. sounds off on Trump's Bubba Wallace tweet (3:03)

Stephen A. Smith expresses his distaste for Donald Trump's tweet about Bubba Wallace, noting that such an attitude exemplifies why America can't move forward in unity. (3:03)

Bubba Wallace has a new endorsement deal with Beats by Dre.

The popular audio company welcomed Wallace to its family on Monday, hours after President Donald Trump criticized NASCAR's only full-time Black driver on Twitter.

Beats by Dre said the timing of the announcement was not a coincidence.

"We weren't going to announce this until later this week, but hate cannot win the day," the company said. "No one should ever be asked to apologize for standing up for what's right -- we are proud to welcome @BubbaWallace to the Beats by Dr. Dre family."

Earlier Monday, Trump asked in a tweet if Wallace had apologized to NASCAR for standing by him while alleging that a noose found in the driver's garage at Talladega Superspeedway last month was a "hoax," and also questioned NASCAR's decision to ban the Confederate flag from the sport -- for which Wallace had pushed. Wallace responded to the tweet, writing: "Love over hate every day. Love should come naturally as people are TAUGHT to hate. Even when it's HATE from the POTUS."

Wallace wrote that he is thrilled to be part of the Beats by Dre family, one that includes some of the biggest stars in sports, such as LeBron James and Serena Williams.

"This is so dope! Honored to be a part of the family! If you know me, music is a strong passion of mine!" Wallace tweeted.

James welcomed him aboard.

"Welcome to the BEATS family @BubbaWallace," he tweeted.