Assessing 10 NFL offseason adds: Who is working, who is not

It's Week 8 of the NFL season, so we've had roughly two months to digest changes that each team made during the offseason.

Everyone loves offseason movement. Fans get super excited about new players joining their team, whether through trade or free agency. But not all moves work out. Some players excel in their new surroundings, bringing strong production to their new teams and improving prior weaknesses. Other players struggle to make anything good happen.

I took a look at five non-rookies from each category -- five players who are working really well in their new cities and five who are not. Which teams are getting help from these new players, and which ones might be on the hook for some bad contracts? Let's start in Baltimore with a late-summer signing who has made a big positive impact on his new 2023 team.

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Additions making impact
Additions struggling to get going

Players who are working with their new teams