How Yennier Cano became baseball's best reliever right now

Charles Brock/Icon Sportswire

Learn the name: Yennier Cano.

A month ago, I had admittedly never heard of the 29-year-old rookie, forgetting that he was part of the Jorge Lopez trade last season between the Baltimore Orioles and Minnesota Twins. And I definitely did not recall any of the 13 appearances he made between the two clubs, which is understandable given that he allowed 23 runs, 26 hits and 16 walks in 18 innings.

Now, Cano is suddenly -- and somewhat miraculously -- the best reliever in baseball, at least through the end of May.

In 25 ⅔ innings so far in 2023, he has allowed one run and saved three games, but that barely touches his statistical supremacy. He's allowed ten hits -- with three coming on Tuesday night against the Yankees -- for a .120 batting average allowed and has struck out 28 batters and walked nobody. That's some Mariano Rivera-level of control and dominance.