Scoring Summary


1stAguilar homered to center (399 feet), Kemp scored.20
1stPederson singled to left, Wade Jr. scored.21
2ndLangeliers tripled to center, Noda scored.31
2ndE. Ruiz hit sacrifice fly to center, Langeliers scored.41
3rdCrawford singled to right, Villar scored, Pederson to third.42
5thLaureano homered to left (392 feet), Aguilar scored and Peterson scored.72
6thE. Ruiz homered to left center (396 feet), Langeliers scored.92
6thBrown homered to right center (414 feet), Kemp scored.112
7thC. Pérez singled to left, Capel scored, Noda to second.122
7thVillar walked, Wisely scored, Conforto to second, Matheny to third.123
7thProctor doubled to right, Matheny scored, Schmitt scored and Conforto scored.126