Scoring Summary


1stHernández singled to center, Ju. Rodríguez scored, Ko. Wong to second.10
1stSuárez doubled to left, Ko. Wong scored, Hernández to third.20
1stKelenic grounded out to second, Hernández scored, Suárez to third.30
2ndHaggerty homered to left.40
3rdMurphy homered to left center, Pollock scored and Kelenic scored.70
3rdJu. Rodríguez doubled to left, Haggerty scored.80
3rdKo. Wong singled to center, Ju. Rodríguez scored.90
3rdHernández homered to center, Ko. Wong scored.110
3rdVotto singled to center, Barrero scored.111
3rdFraley grounded into fielder's choice to third, Votto scored, Stephenson out at second.112
4thLa Stella singled to center, Kelenic scored.122
4thHaggerty tripled to right, La Stella scored.132
4thJu. Rodríguez homered to right center, Haggerty scored.152
5thSuárez homered to left center.162
5thVotto scored on error, Myers safe at first on throwing error by catcher Murphy, Myers safe at second on error, Fraley safe at third on error.163
5thFriedl grounded out to second, Fraley scored, Myers to third.164
5thRamos singled to left, Myers scored.165
6thMcCoy grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Caballero scored, M. Perez out at second.175
6thFraley grounded out to third, India scored, Stephenson to second, Votto to third.176