Scoring Summary

2ndDixon hit sacrifice fly to center, Kim scored.01
3rdSmith reached on infield single to second, Betts scored.11
4thWilliams homered to left.21
6thMann singled to left, Vivas scored.31
7thDixon doubled to left, Sullivan scored.32
7thDixon scored on Bettencourt wild pitch.33
8thSullivan singled to left, Ravelo scored, Tucker to third.34
9thOutman grounded into double play, shortstop to first, Lewis scored, Hernández out at second, Jah. Jones to third.44
9thWard singled to right, Jah. Jones scored, Freitas to second.54
9thVivas doubled to right, Ward scored and Freitas scored.74
9thRavelo grounded out to first, Liberato scored, Johnson to second, Rivas to third.75
9thRivas scored on Dodson wild pitch, Johnson to third on wild pitch by Dodson.76