Scoring Summary

1stDuran singled to right, Smith scored, Miller to second.10
2ndJosh H. Smith grounded out to first, Mathias scored, Ornelas to third.20
3rdMathias singled to center, Duran scored and Heim scored, Jankowski to second.40
3rdOrnelas singled to right, Jankowski scored, Mathias to third.50
3rdMiller singled to center, Mathias scored and Ornelas scored, Smith to third.70
3rdStephenson grounded out to shortstop, Marte scored.71
4thGarver homered to left center.81
5thSiani grounded out to second, Encarnacion-Strand scored, Ramos to second, Romine to third.82
6thHuff homered to center right.92
9thHarris doubled to right, Acuna scored and Carter scored.112
9thFreeman singled to right, Harris scored, Freeman to second, Crim to third.122
9thFoscue hit sacrifice fly to center, Crim scored.132