Scoring Summary

1stBohm homered to left center, Marsh scored.20
3rdSosa homered to left center (414 feet), Bohm scored and Hall scored.50
5thHarrison doubled to center, Sosa scored and Stubbs scored.70
5thCave tripled to right, Harrison scored.80
5thHayes homered to left center (401 feet), Swaggerty scored.82
6thW. Wilson homered to left.92
8thMitchell singled to center, Maggi scored.93
8thRodriguez doubled to left, Mitchell scored.94
9thMaggi singled to right, Alvarez scored and Swaggerty scored, Sanchez to third.96
9thPeguero grounded into fielder's choice to third, Sanchez scored, Maggi out at second.97