Scoring Summary

1stFriedl tripled to left, Steer scored.10
3rdBart doubled to left, Wisely scored.11
6thFriedl doubled to right, Casali scored, Steer to third.21
6thDe La Cruz grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Steer scored, Lopez out at second, Friedl to third.31
6thMartin grounded out to first, Friedl scored, Solak to second, De La Cruz to third.41
6thBailey reached on infield single to pitcher, Díaz scored, Aldrete to third.42
7thSiani singled to right, Ramos scored, Pereda to second.52
8thRamos singled to right, McLain scored.62
8thWilson singled to right, Proctor scored.63
8thWilliams homered to center right, Wilson scored.65
9thProctor singled to center, Matos scored, Alvarez to third.66
9thWilson singled to left, Proctor scored, Aldrete to second.67