Scoring Summary

3rdLukes hit sacrifice fly to left, Lopez scored.10
3rdCastro homered to center (397 feet), Joe scored, Bae scored and Cruz scored.14
4thGuerrero Jr. homered to center (432 feet), Espinal scored.34
4thBarger homered to right (382 feet).44
5thEspinal homered to left (347 feet), Biggio scored.64
6thPeguero singled to center, Smith-Njigba scored, Peguero to second, Young to third.65
7thSchneider hit sacrifice fly to right, Bernard scored on error, Eden safe at third on throwing error by right fielder Mitchell.75
7thDe Los Santos grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Eden scored on throwing error by shortstop Peguero, De Los Santos second.85
7thSosa singled to left, Horwitz scored.95
8thPeguero singled to center, Mitchell scored on error, Peguero safe at second on fielding error by center fielder Bernard, Marcano safe at third on error.96
8thDavis hit sacrifice fly to center, Marcano scored.97