Scoring Summary


1stSuwinski hit sacrifice fly to center, Bae scored, Hayes to second, Reynolds to third.01
2ndRortvedt singled to right, Volpe scored, Cabrera to second.11
2ndReynolds singled to right, Peguero scored.12
6thLeMahieu singled to center, Cabrera scored, Rortvedt to third.22
6thJudge singled to center, Rortvedt scored, LeMahieu to second.32
6thBae singled to right, Andujar scored, Palacios to third.33
6thBae scored on error and Palacios scored, Hayes safe at first on fielding error by second baseman Torres, Reynolds safe at third on error.35
9thFlorial walked, LeMahieu scored, Torres to second, Judge to third.45
9thVolpe grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Judge scored on error and Torres scored on throwing error by second baseman Bae, Florial out at second.65
9thCabrera singled to right, Volpe scored, Peraza to third.75
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