Scoring Summary


1stMeneses singled to right, Smith scored.10
1stHayes doubled to right, Bae scored, Reynolds to third.11
1stSuwinski singled to left, Reynolds scored, Hayes to third.12
1stPalacios singled to right, Hayes scored, Suwinski to third.13
1stPeguero singled to left, Suwinski scored, Palacios to second.14
3rdRivas doubled to right, Palacios scored, Rivas out stretching at third.15
4thReynolds homered to right (389 feet), Bae scored.17
5thMillas homered to right center (405 feet).27
6thThomas doubled to left, Abrams scored.37
6thSmith homered to right (376 feet), Thomas scored.57
9thRuiz reached on infield single to first, Blankenhorn scored, L. García to second.67
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