Scoring Summary


3rdTucker homered to right (381 feet), Altuve scored.20
4thAlvarez walked, Peña scored, Bregman to second, Maldonado to third.30
7thSingleton singled to center, Tucker scored, McCormick to third.40
7thPeña grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, McCormick scored, Singleton out at second.50
7thDubón homered to left (360 feet).60
7thMaldonado homered to left (363 feet).70
8thMcCormick singled to center, Alvarez scored, Tucker to third.80
8thPeña tripled to center, Tucker scored, McCormick scored and Singleton scored.110
8thDubón singled to right, Peña scored.120
8thDiaz homered to left (424 feet), Dubón scored.140
8thCabrera homered to left center (391 feet), Greene scored and Torkelson scored.143
9thJulks singled to left, Peña scored, Altuve to second, Diaz to third.153
9thAlvarez hit a ground rule double, Diaz scored and Altuve scored, Julks to third.173
9thMcKinstry homered to right (435 feet).174
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