Scoring Summary


1stGelof homered to center (433 feet).10
1stBrown homered to center (408 feet), Rooker scored.30
1stGarrett doubled to left, Meneses scored, Ruiz to third.31
3rdA. Díaz singled to left, Bleday scored, Gelof to third.41
5thGelof homered to center (395 feet).51
7thBrown singled to center, Soderstrom scored and Bleday scored.71
7thGarrett hit sacrifice fly to center, Thomas scored.72
9thGarrett singled to left, Downs scored, Ruiz to second, Meneses to third.73
9thVargas hit sacrifice fly to center, Meneses scored, Ruiz to third.74
9thSmith walked, Ruiz scored, Rutherford to second, Garrett to third.75
9thGarrett scored, Rutherford scored, Smith to third, Call safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Allen.77
9thDowns singled to center, Smith scored, Call to third.78
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