Scoring Summary


3rdSoler doubled to center, Arraez scored and Wendle scored.20
3rdChisholm Jr. reached on infield single to shortstop, Soler scored.30
4thWendle hit sacrifice fly to center, Berti scored.40
4thArraez doubled to left, Sánchez scored.50
4thGrossman homered to right center (414 feet), García scored and Jung scored.53
5thSeager homered to right center (392 feet), Semien scored.55
5thJung homered to left (398 feet), García scored.57
6thFortes homered to center (426 feet).67
7thLowe doubled to center, Seager scored.68
8thLowe doubled to left, Taveras scored, Semien to third.69
9thBurger homered to center (392 feet), Soler scored.89
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