Scoring Summary


1stJulien tripled to center, Correa scored.01
1stKepler singled to right, Julien scored.02
1stWallner homered to right (410 feet), Kepler scored.04
2ndRodríguez homered to left (379 feet).14
3rdCastro tripled to right, Kepler scored.15
5thMarlowe homered to left center (406 feet).25
6thSolano hit sacrifice fly to right, Castro scored.26
8thRaleigh doubled to left, Crawford scored, Suárez to third.36
8thHernández grounded out to second, Suárez scored.46
8thRodríguez homered to right (368 feet), Raleigh scored.66
9thSuárez doubled to left, Marlowe scored and Wong scored, Crawford to third.86
9thHernández hit sacrifice fly to center, Crawford scored, Suárez to third.96
9thTaylor homered to left center (424 feet).97
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