Scoring Summary


4thDuvall homered to center (426 feet).10
4thArroyo homered to left (391 feet).20
6thWong singled to right, Yoshida scored, Arroyo to second.30
7thTurner doubled to right, Verdugo scored, Turner to third.40
7thYoshida reached on infield single to pitcher, Turner scored, Devers to second.50
7thArroyo doubled to right, Casas scored, Devers scored and Yoshida scored.80
8thYoshida homered to right center (447 feet), Turner scored.100
8thBuxton homered to left center (415 feet), Julien scored.102
9thLewis homered to center (424 feet).103
9thKepler homered to right center (414 feet).104
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