Scoring Summary


2ndVientos singled to center, McNeil scored, Escobar to third.10
2ndHedges hit a ground rule double, Bae scored and Hayes scored.12
3rdLindor homered to left (382 feet).22
3rdHayes singled to left, McCutchen scored and Santana scored, Suwinski to third.24
3rdBae reached on bunt single to third, Suwinski scored on error and Hayes scored on throwing error by third baseman Escobar, Bae to third.26
3rdPalacios singled to right, Bae scored.27
4thSuwinski doubled to center, McCutchen scored, Santana to third.28
4thHayes doubled to left, Santana scored and Suwinski scored.210
6thBae hit sacrifice fly to left, Suwinski scored.211
6thPalacios singled to right, Hayes scored.212
8thSantana homered to right center (409 feet).213
8thSuwinski homered to center (415 feet).214
9thVientos grounded into fielder's choice to second, Canha scored, Escobar to second, Escobar safe at third on fielding error by second baseman Bae.314
9thÁlvarez singled to left, Escobar scored, Baty to second.414
9thPham doubled to right, Álvarez scored and Baty scored.614
9thGuillorme hit a ground rule double, Pham scored.714
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