Scoring Summary


2ndBethancourt reached on infield single to shortstop, Ramírez scored on throwing error by shortstop Hernández, Walls safe at third on error.10
2ndDíaz doubled to left, Bethancourt scored and Walls scored.30
5thRamírez hit sacrifice fly to right, Franco scored, Arozarena to second, B. Lowe to third.40
5thVerdugo singled to right, McGuire scored.41
6thReyes singled to right, Hernández scored, McGuire to third.42
6thTurner doubled to center, Devers scored, McGuire scored and Reyes scored.45
6thYoshida doubled to left, Turner scored.46
6thDuran singled to right, Yoshida scored.47
7thRamírez singled to center, Franco scored, B. Lowe to third.57
7thVerdugo doubled to right, Reyes scored.58
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