Scoring Summary


1stJ. Abreu singled to center, Peña scored, Bregman to third.01
3rdOhtani tripled to center, Rengifo scored.11
3rdMcCormick doubled to left, Peña scored, Bregman to third.12
4thAlvarez reached on infield single to second, Maldonado scored, Peña to second, Dubón to third.13
4thBregman homered to left (345 feet), Dubón scored, Peña scored and Alvarez scored.17
7thRenfroe homered to left (409 feet).27
7thOhtani doubled to left, Rengifo scored, Soto to third.37
7thSoto scored on Neris wild pitch, Ohtani to third on wild pitch by Neris.47
7thTrout singled to left, Ohtani scored.57
7thMcCormick homered to right center (381 feet).58
7thDubón hit sacrifice fly to center, Meyers scored.59
9thOhtani scored on Pressly wild pitch, Ward to second.69
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