Scoring Summary


2ndBrennan singled to left, Giménez scored.10
4thKepler singled to right, Kirilloff scored, Buxton to third.11
5thTaylor homered to left center (392 feet).12
5thKirilloff singled to right, Vázquez scored.13
6thRamírez singled to center, Straw scored, Kwan to third.23
6thGiménez grounded out to second, Kwan scored, Ramírez to second.33
6thBell singled to left, Ramírez scored.43
6thZunino singled to left, Arias scored and Bell scored, Brennan to second.63
8thSolano doubled to left, Castro scored.64
8thLewis homered to center (421 feet), Solano scored.66
9thCastro hit sacrifice fly to right, Jeffers scored, Kirilloff to second, Polanco to third.67
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