Scoring Summary


1stStephenson singled to left, India scored and Steer scored.02
1stNewman doubled to center, Senzel scored and Stephenson scored.04
3rdNewman singled to left, Senzel scored, Fairchild to second.05
4thDonovan homered to right center (393 feet).15
4thMcLain homered to right center (358 feet).16
5thNootbaar homered to right center (397 feet).26
6thSenzel hit sacrifice fly to center, Steer scored.27
6thFairchild doubled to left, Stephenson scored.28
7thSteer singled to left, India scored and McLain scored.210
9thNootbaar reached on infield single to first, Burleson scored, Mercado to third.310
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