Scoring Summary


1stKelenic homered to center (455 feet), Rodríguez scored.02
2ndCaballero homered to left center (418 feet), Raleigh scored and Pollock scored.05
5thKelenic singled to center, Rodríguez scored.06
6thRodríguez doubled to left, Pollock scored, France to third.07
6thSuárez reached on infield single to shortstop, France scored, Kelenic to second, Rodríguez to third.08
8thRooker grounded out to second, Ruiz scored, Noda to third.18
8thBrown grounded out to first, Noda scored.28
8thSuárez singled to center, France scored and Rodríguez scored, Kelenic to third.210
8thRaleigh grounded into fielder's choice to pitcher, Kelenic scored, Haggerty out at second.211
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