Scoring Summary


1stArenado tripled to right, Goldschmidt scored.10
3rdContreras singled to right, Knizner scored.20
3rdSuzuki doubled to right, Swanson scored.21
3rdWisdom homered to center (393 feet), Suzuki scored.23
4thGomes homered to left center (396 feet), Mancini scored.25
5thWisdom grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Happ scored, Suzuki out at second.26
6thNootbaar singled to center, Yepez scored, DeJong to second.36
6thMorel doubled to right, Mancini scored, Gomes to third.37
6thSwanson doubled to left, Madrigal scored and Morel scored.39
7thMorel singled to center, Mancini scored, Gomes to second.310
9thEdman singled to center, DeJong scored.410
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