Scoring Summary


1stMountcastle homered to left center (422 feet), Rutschman scored.20
1stHays homered to center (430 feet).30
2ndDuvall scored on Kremer wild pitch.31
3rdMateo grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Santander scored, Henderson out at second, Hays to third.41
3rdMullins homered to center (418 feet), Hays scored and Mateo scored.71
3rdVerdugo homered to right center (419 feet), Hernández scored.73
3rdDuvall homered to left center (414 feet), Turner scored.75
4thSantander doubled to center, Mountcastle scored, Santander out stretching at third.85
7thHernández homered to left (393 feet).86
7thDuvall hit a ground rule double, Devers scored, Turner to third.87
9thDuvall homered to left center (387 feet), Refsnyder scored.89