Scoring Summary

2ndOdor homered to right (412 feet).01
3rdBichette homered to left (412 feet), Bradley Jr. scored and Springer scored.31
6thBichette homered to right (380 feet).41
6thBiggio homered to right (370 feet).51
6thBradley Jr. hit a ground rule double to left, Jansen scored and Tapia scored.71
7thBichette homered to center (420 feet).81
7thMullins reached first base on catcher's interference, Odor to home on error, Stowers to third, Chirinos to second.82
7thRutschman grounded into fielder's choice to first, Stowers scored, Mullins out at second, Chirinos to third.83
9thRutschman homered to center (419 feet).84