Scoring Summary


1stAndújar grounded out to third, Cruz scored, Castro to second.01
3rdGoldschmidt grounded out to catcher, DeJong scored, Nootbaar to second, Donovan to third.11
3rdPujols singled to center, Donovan scored and Nootbaar scored.31
3rdBae scored on Hudson wild pitch, Reynolds to third on wild pitch by Hudson.32
3rdCastro singled to left center, Reynolds scored.33
3rdAndújar doubled to deep center, Castro scored.34
3rdSuwinski singled to center, Andújar scored.35
3rdGamel singled to right, Suwinski scored, Hayes to second.36
3rdBae reached on infield single to catcher, Hayes scored, Heineman to second.37
7thDonovan singled to center, Knizner scored, DeJong to second, Donovan to second, DeJong safe at third on throwing error by center fielder Bae.47
7thDickerson doubled to right, DeJong scored and Donovan scored.67
7thDickerson scored on error, Burleson safe at first on throwing error by shortstop Cruz.77
10thYepez singled to right center, DeLuzio scored.87