Scoring Summary

3rdEstrada grounded into fielder's choice to third, Bart scored, Wade Jr. out at second, Pederson to third.01
4thRojas hit sacrifice fly to center, Walker scored.11
4thAlcántara doubled to left, Hummel scored and Carroll scored.31
6thDavis homered to center (436 feet).32
7thWalker doubled to left, Luplow scored, McCarthy to third.42
7thRojas singled to right, McCarthy scored, Walker to third.52
7thHummel hit sacrifice fly to right, Walker scored.62
7thAlcántara doubled to left center, B. Kennedy scored and Rojas scored.82
8thYastrzemski homered to right (355 feet).83
9thProctor hit sacrifice fly to left, Slater scored.84