72-85, 32-44 away
79-78, 43-36 home

Scoring Summary

1stWalker singled to center, P. Smith scored, McCarthy to third.10
1stYastrzemski doubled to deep right, Pederson scored, Flores to third.11
1stLongoria homered to left (398 feet), Flores scored and Yastrzemski scored.14
2ndPederson tripled to right center, Pederson scored on throwing error by second baseman Rojas.15
2ndLongoria homered to center (400 feet), Yastrzemski scored.17
4thRivera singled to left center, Rojas scored.27
4thPerdomo hit sacrifice fly to left, Carroll scored.37
4thYastrzemski homered to right (386 feet).38
5thRojas singled to left, McCarthy scored.48
6thWynns homered to left (378 feet).49
6thFlores hit sacrifice fly to right, Pederson scored.410