Scoring Summary


2ndFrazier doubled to deep center, Winker scored.10
2ndDozier singled to right, Olivares scored, O'Hearn to second.11
3rdPasquantino doubled to right, Witt Jr. scored.12
5thHaniger singled to right center, Crawford scored, France to third.22
5thRaleigh walked, France scored, Santana to second, Haniger to third.32
5thWinker hit by pitch, Haniger scored, Raleigh to second, Santana to third.42
5thMoore walked, Santana scored, Toro to second, Raleigh to third.52
5thHaggerty singled to left, Raleigh scored, Moore to second, Toro to third.62
5thFrance singled to right, Moore scored and Toro scored, Haggerty to third.82
5thHaniger singled to right, Haggerty scored, France to third.92
6thCrawford singled to center, Kelenic scored and Toro scored, Haggerty to second.112
6thMassey homered to right (414 feet), Olivares scored.114
6thMelendez grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, O'Hearn scored, Waters out at second, Dozier to third.115
6thWitt Jr. doubled to deep right, Dozier scored and Melendez scored.117
6thOlivares reached on infield single to third, Witt Jr. scored, Pasquantino to second, Perez to third.118
6thMassey singled to shallow left, Pasquantino scored and Perez scored, Olivares to third.1110
6thO'Hearn doubled to deep right, Massey scored and Olivares scored.1112
6thDozier singled to center, Isbel scored, Dozier out stretching at second.1113
7thTorrens hit sacrifice fly to right, Haniger scored.1213