72-79, 35-42 away
93-58, 55-22 home

Scoring Summary

1stTorres homered to left (394 feet).01
2ndCasas homered to left (375 feet), Verdugo scored.21
2ndMcGuire homered to right (361 feet).31
2ndKiner-Falefa singled to left, Cabrera scored, Bader thrown out at third.32
4thCabrera homered to right (376 feet), Stanton scored.34
5thDonaldson reached on infield single to pitcher, Higashioka scored, Judge to second.35
6thCasas walked, Devers scored, Hernández to second, Bogaerts to third.45
7thVerdugo singled to left, Almonte scored, Bogaerts to second.55
7thRizzo homered to right center (434 feet), Hicks scored.57