Scoring Summary

1stArozarena grounded out to first, Ramírez scored, Franco to third.01
1stMargot reached on bunt single to catcher, Franco scored.02
4thBethancourt doubled to deep right center, Paredes scored.03
5thTapia doubled to deep left center, Hernández scored.13
5thBichette singled to left, Tapia scored, Jansen to second.23
5thGuerrero Jr. singled to left center, Jansen scored, Bichette to third.33
5thBichette scored on error, Kirk safe at first on throwing error by third baseman Paredes, Guerrero Jr. to second.43
5thArozarena homered to right (341 feet), Ramírez scored and Franco scored.46
6thJansen singled to left center, Hernández scored on error, Jansen safe at second on fielding error by left fielder Arozarena, Tapia safe at third.56
6thSpringer hit sacrifice fly to right, Tapia scored.66
8thPeralta hit sacrifice fly to right, Walls scored, Mastrobuoni to second.67
8thMastrobuoni scored on error, Ramírez safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Bichette, Aranda to second.68
8thArozarena singled to left, Aranda scored and Ramírez scored, Arozarena out stretching at second, Franco to third.610