Scoring Summary

1stHaniger singled to right, Rodríguez scored.10
1stRaleigh doubled to deep left, Haniger scored, France to third.20
1stWinker walked, France scored, Kelenic to second, Raleigh to third.30
3rdVogt tripled to deep right, Machín scored, Murphy scored and Brown scored.33
3rdLangeliers doubled to deep right center, Vogt scored, Capel to third.34
3rdKemp singled to left, Capel scored, Allen to second, Langeliers to third.35
4thKelenic homered to right (427 feet).45
6thKelenic doubled to deep center, France scored.55
6thFrazier doubled to shallow left, Kelenic scored and Moore scored.75
7thFrance hit sacrifice fly to left, Haniger scored.85
8thFrazier singled to right, Moore scored.95