Scoring Summary

1stDonaldson hit sacrifice fly to left, Judge scored, Torres to third.10
1stKiner-Falefa singled to right, Torres scored, Cabrera to third.20
1stGonzalez singled to center, Cabrera scored, Kiner-Falefa to second.30
2ndDonaldson grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Hicks scored and Judge scored on throwing error by second baseman Wong, Donaldson to second, Stanton out at second.50
2ndAdames homered to left (427 feet), Peterson scored and Narváez scored.53
4thAdames hit a ground rule double to deep right, Mitchell scored, Yelich to third.54
4thTellez hit sacrifice fly to left, Yelich scored.55
8thHiura scored on error, Adames safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Kiner-Falefa, Yelich to second.56
9thDonaldson homered to left (398 feet).66
9thMitchell singled to center, Renfroe scored, Caratini to second, McCutchen to third.67