Scoring Summary


2ndSteer singled to right, Aquino scored.01
3rdCastro homered to left (407 feet), Heineman scored and Reynolds scored.31
5thRomine homered to left center (413 feet).32
7thHayes singled to left, Allen scored.42
8thCruz homered to left (398 feet), Chavis scored.62
8thK. Farmer homered to left (355 feet).63
9thCastro singled to right, Heineman scored, Hayes to third.73
9thChavis singled to left center, Hayes scored and Castro scored.93
9thSuwinski flied out to right, Chavis scored on throwing error by right fielder Aquino, Newman safe at second on error.103
9thBarrero grounded out to third, Steer scored.104