49-92, 27-45 away
78-62, 44-31 home

Scoring Summary

1stHarper doubled to deep center, Hoskins scored.01
3rdVoit doubled to deep right, Vargas scored.11
4thC. Hernández singled to left center, Call scored, Abrams to third.21
4thVargas singled to right, Abrams scored, C. Hernández to second.31
4thMeneses singled to left, C. Hernández scored, Vargas to second.41
5thHoskins homered to right (355 feet), Vierling scored and Schwarber scored.44
6thMeneses hit sacrifice fly to right, Pineda scored.54
6thHoskins hit sacrifice fly to right, Marsh scored.55
7thBohm homered to right (362 feet), Realmuto scored.57