Scoring Summary

1stWinker grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Rodríguez scored, France out at second.10
1stPinder singled to left, Bride scored, Murphy to second, Pinder to second, Murphy safe at third on throwing error by left fielder Haggerty.11
1stLangeliers hit sacrifice fly to center, Murphy scored.12
4thSuárez homered to left (397 feet), Haniger scored.32
6thSuárez homered to center (416 feet), Winker scored and Haniger scored.62
7thFrance hit sacrifice fly to right, Haggerty scored, Rodríguez to third.72
7thWinker singled to left, Rodríguez scored.82
8thLamb singled to left, Raleigh scored, Frazier to second.92
8thFrance singled to left, Frazier scored, Lamb to third.102