77-43, 38-25 away
61-58, 30-31 home

Scoring Summary

2ndMancini homered to right (363 feet).10
3rdBregman doubled to right center, Altuve scored and Gurriel scored.30
3rdTucker singled to center, Bregman scored.40
4thMcCormick reached on infield single to shortstop, Peña scored, Vázquez to second.50
4thAltuve singled to center, Vázquez scored, Altuve to second, McCormick to second, McCormick safe at third on fielding error by center fielder Pollock.60
4thGurriel grounded out to shortstop, McCormick scored, Altuve to third.70
4thAlvarez doubled to deep right, Altuve scored.80
4thBregman homered to left (401 feet), Alvarez scored.100
5thMoncada homered to right (379 feet), Vaughn scored and Jiménez scored.103
6thBregman homered to left (380 feet), Gurriel scored.123
6thVaughn grounded into double play, third to first, Zavala scored, Pollock to second, González out at third.124
7thGurriel singled to left, Vázquez scored, Altuve to second.134
7thGonzález hit sacrifice fly to center, Moncada scored.135
8thVázquez singled to shallow right, Tucker scored, Peña to third.145
8thMcCormick homered to right (381 feet), Peña scored and Vázquez scored.175
9thTucker singled to right, Gurriel scored and Bregman scored.195
9thVázquez singled to right center, Tucker scored, Peña to second, Matijevic to third.205
9thMcCormick singled to center, Matijevic scored, Vázquez to second, Peña to third.215