Doubleheader - Game 2
44-74, 18-41 away
62-54, 30-23 home

Scoring Summary

2ndBarnhart singled to center, Carpenter scored.10
4thGiménez homered to right (408 feet), Miller scored.12
4thMaile homered to left (368 feet).13
5thReyes singled to right center, Barnhart scored, Greene to third.23
5thW. Castro grounded into fielder's choice to second, Greene scored, Reyes out at second.33
6thSchoop homered to left (380 feet).43
6thCarpenter homered to right (392 feet).53
7thKwan singled to center, Benson scored, Freeman to second.54
8thBarnhart singled to right, Schoop scored, Carpenter to third.64
8thReyes singled to right, Carpenter scored, Barnhart to second.74
9thMaile singled to center, Gonzalez scored.75