79-33, 39-18 away
47-68, 28-34 home

Scoring Summary

1stBetts homered to right center (421 feet).10
1stMuncy singled to shallow right, T. Turner scored, Smith to second, Freeman to third.20
1stJ. Turner singled to center, Freeman scored, Muncy to second, Smith to third.30
1stLux singled to right, Smith scored, J. Turner to second, Muncy to third.40
1stMuncy scored on Keller wild pitch, Lux to second on wild pitch by Keller, J. Turner to third on wild pitch by Keller.50
2ndSmith homered to left (423 feet), Betts scored.70
2ndMassey tripled to deep left center, Pratto scored and Rooker scored.72
3rdLux homered to center (431 feet).82
4thMuncy homered to right (422 feet), Smith scored.102
6thMuncy doubled to right, Freeman scored.112
6thRooker doubled to left, O'Hearn scored.113
9thGallo homered to right (437 feet).123
9thBellinger homered to right (390 feet).133