45-68, 21-39 away
55-57, 30-27 home

Scoring Summary

2ndYastrzemski homered to left center (384 feet).01
2ndGonzález sacrificed into double play, left to third to shortstop to second to shortstop, Crawford scored, Estrada thrown out at third.02
3rdYastrzemski grounded into fielder's choice to first, Wynns scored, Flores to second, Pederson to third.03
4thCastro homered to left (409 feet).13
5thYastrzemski doubled to deep center, Belt scored.14
6thGamel homered to left center (397 feet).24
7thAllen homered to left (367 feet).34
8thGonzález doubled to deep left, Longoria scored.35