45-66, 21-37 away
50-60, 31-29 home

Scoring Summary

3rdGamel doubled to deep center, Delay scored and Newman scored.20
4thMarcano scored, Delay picked off and caught stealing second.30
4thMarte singled to right, McCarthy scored, Thomas to third.31
4thWalker hit sacrifice fly to left, Thomas scored.32
6thAllen doubled to deep right center, Castro scored.42
6thMarcano singled to right, Allen scored, Marcano to second.52
6thVarsho hit sacrifice fly to center, Thomas scored.53
9thGamel grounded into fielder's choice to second, Reynolds scored, Hayes out at second.63
9thC. Kelly grounded into double play, third to second to shortstop, Varsho scored, Alcántara out at second, Rivera out at third.64